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QVNTRA Bed Sensor

QVNTRA Bed Sensor

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QVNTRA Bed Sensor enables real-time monitoring use-cases / applications in geriatric populations (falls, infections), infant populations (health condition, crib safety) and active adult populations (exercise recovery, sleep quality).

QVNTRA Bed Sensor is a Zigbee-based sensor that when affixed to a bed (strap provided!*), registers 97% accuracy when compared to electrocardiogram (ECG).

The payload, reported every second (1s), includes:
heart rate
respiratory rate
status (bed empty, bed occupied, movement detected)
- relative stroke volume
- heart rate variability
- measured fft magnitude
- beat-to-beat
- beat-to-beat1
- beat-to-beat2
- timestamp

About the sensor (technical):
- CC2562P-2 (eByte Module)
- TI Z-STACK 3.0 firmware with OTA implemented
- Sensor also functions as robust Mains-powered Zigbee Router (+20dBm)
- Converters for zigbee2mqtt (Z2M) provided

What is included?

(1) USA plug-type 5V power adapter
(1) QVNTRA Bed Sensor unit
(1) Adjustable bed strap
(1) Sensor pocket


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